School Board Operations

The authority of school boards is identified in Chapter 118, Wisconsin statutes, as follows:

118.001 Duties and powers of school boards; construction of statutes. The statutory duties and powers of school boards shall be broadly construed to authorize any school board action that is within the comprehensive meaning of the terms of the duties and powers, if the action is not prohibited by the laws of the federal government or of this state.

Laws governing school boards, including powers, duties, plan of election, and meetings, are found in Chapter 120, Wisconsin statutes.

Open Meetings - Laws related to open meetings are found in Subchapter V of Chapter 19 of the state statutes. An Open Meetings Compliance Guide is available from the state Department of Justice.

Public Records - Laws related to public records are found in Subchapter II of Chapter 19, Wisconsin statutes, starting at section 19.31. A Public Records Law Compliance Outline is available from the state Department of Justice.

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