Financial Assistance - Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Program Description: The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) allows students from low-income families who reside in the City of Milwaukee to attend any participating private school located in the City of Milwaukee at no charge if certain eligibility criteria are met. In 2010-11, the amount needed to fund the MPCP is funded 38.4% from a reduction in state general aid to Milwaukee Public schools (MPS) and 61.6% from state general purpose revenue.

Who Receives Assistance: The state issues checks payable to the parent or guardian of a MPCP student and sends the checks to the school where the child is enrolled in the program, based on two count dates during the school year. The parent or guardian must sign the check over to the school.

Amount of Funds Available: In the 2010-11 school year, the MPCP state aid for a student enrolled full-time in the MPCP is $6,442 or the private school's operating and debt service cost per student, whichever is less. Prior years payment information can be found on the following webpage: Payments are made for each eligible child enrolled in the program four times a year (September, November, February and May).

For more information, contact: Tricia Collins, MPCP Administrator, School Management Services, at (608) 266-2853, or via e-mail at You may also access the program's web page at:

For questions about this information, contact Tricia Collins (608) 266-2853