Financial Management Handbook

For Federal and State Grant Programs

The purpose of the Financial Management Handbook for Federal and State Grant Programs is to provide a reference to the fiscal requirements and procedures necessary for sound financial management of the DPI-administered grant programs. It is intended to assist grant recipients in the proper disbursement, accounting and accountability for federal and state funds as prescribed by law.

The handbook references the Code of Federal Regulations, the United States Code, the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, the Single Audit Act of 1984, the Wisconsin Uniform Financial Accounting Requirements and the Statutes of Wisconsin. Since this handbook was intended only to provide a quick reference and not be all inclusive, you are encouraged to refer to specific program legislation and regulations as needed. In such instances where state statute is more restrictive than federal requirements, the state statute applies.

The Financial Management Handbook is only available as an electronic publication. Federal Aids and Audit staff are no longer producing this publication in hardcopy form, but will update this internet version as changes are necessary.



Pages Date
1-14 August 7, 2012


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