DPI Charter Schools Contacts


Wisconsin Charter Schools
Department of Public Instruction Contacts

Elisabeth Geraghty, Virtual Charter School Consultant
   (608) 266-5728

Jackie Abel, Education Specialist
    (608) 266-2819
   Handles data entry of charter schools; federal reporting;
   DPI charter school website; all data requests for charter schools; charter school contracts; 
   all other administrative support for charter schools; and legislative reports

Al Virnig, Senior Accountant
    (608) 266-2428
   Handles the distribution of the grant funds

Fax number: (608) 267-9207


Tricia Collins, Director of School Management Services
   (608) 266-7475

Elizabeth Kane, Assistant Director
   (608) 264-9331

School Management Services Team Directory

For questions about this information, contact Jackie Abel (608) 266-2819