Currently Operating Charter Schools



2012-13 Yearbook
        238 schools are operating
        43,536 students enrolled
        23 new schools opened
2012-13 List of All Charter Schools in Excel This list includes, besides general information on the charter schools, the following:

Contact information
Relation to District
(Instrumentality or Non-Instrumentality)
Virtual School (Yes or No)
Primary Model
Type of Students

Primary Model
Secondary Model
Primary Curricular
Secondary Curricular
Leadership Model
CESA Operated


 2R Charter Schools

List of 2R Charter Schools in Excel Same format as about list
School Contacts
2R 2013-14 Calendar
Payment of 2R Charter School Aids
2R Enrollment Information
2R Payment and Membership Information
Auditor Information
Fiscal Management of Federal Awards

2013-14 Virtual Charter Schools

Charter School Map Location of all the open charter schools in Wisconsin.

Legislative Reports on Charter Schools 2010-11 This is the latest report completed.



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